Farthest Traveled T-Shirt Contest

Back in May of 2017 our very own Treasurer and volunteer, Travis Deyoung, created our AWESOME logo and made T-shirts. Since then we created the Farthest Traveled T-Shirt contest. The contest is simple…get your t-shirt and snap a shot of yourself wherever you may be in the world then submit that image to us to be placed on this page.

Happy and safe travels, and most of all Thank You for your support!

WE really appreciate it!

Travis D. Santa Cruz 517.jpg

Travis D. - Santa Cruz, CA. - May 2017 -

This is our first entry in the T-Shirt contest. Yes, it is only Santa Cruz, but this is our very own Trustee Treasurer and since he created the design, and snapped this shot. He gets credit for the farthest traveled to date.

Way to go Travis! Thanks for all you do to support our Veterans!

John C. Kauai 817.jpg

John and Elaine C. - Kauai, Hawaii - August 2017 -

John and Elaine are two of our biggest supporters. They attend most of our events, and were some of the first to take the challenge and snap a shot in distant lands. Thanks to both of You!

Dave R. Monterey 917.jpg

Dave R. - Monterey, CA. - September 2017 -

Some of you may recognize Dave. He is very connected in Santa Cruz County and works very hard to bring veteran issues to the forefront. He co-hosts Veterans Take Charge radio show on KSCO, is a former board member of Vets 4 Vet Santa Cruz, former board member of SCVVMB, and just an all around good guy.

Thanks Dave!

Tony V Hawaii 1017.jpg

Tony V. - Hawaii - October 2017 -

Tony, thanks for your support and Aloha!

SFC Henderson Afghanistan 518 (2).jpg

Sheila C. - Yosemite, CA (Half Dome) - May 2018

Sheila works for the County of Santa Cruz as a Vet Rep and has supported Vets 4 Vets since day one. She was stoked to be in the contest and will have many more entries around the State and World.

Thanks Sheila!

SFC Henderson Afghanistan 518 (1).jpg

SFC Henderson - Afghanistan - May 2018

SFC Henderson heard about what we are doing with Vets 4 Vets and reached out to us through the VSO Office and our VBO-Rep. We were honored to send him this T-Shirt in Afghanistan, and he snapped this shot and sent it back to us.

Thanks Sarge!

Nancy W. Stonehenge 1217 .jpeg

Nancy W. - Wiltshire, England (Stonehenge) - December 2017

Nancy is very supportive of Vets 4 Vets. She attends all of our bowling tournaments and took this shot at Stonehenge.

Thanks for your support!