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A Santa Cruz non-profit that is made up of Veterans and friends creating community and assisting our brothers and sisters in need.

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Vets 4 Vets partners  to support causes that bring awareness in our community.


Santa Cruz Veteran Network is a website that informs and connects Veterans of Santa Cruz County with service providers, facilities, programs, and benefits.

Almost sunrise

Almost Sunrise is a story of veteran resilience and recovery.
The film follows two Iraq combat veterans, Tom Voss and Anthony Anderson, who struggle with depression upon returning home from their deployment(s). Fearful of succumbing to the epidemic of veteran suicide, they seek a lifeline and embark on a 2,700-mile walk across America as a way to confront their inner pain.
The film captures an intimate portrait of two friends suffering from the unseen wounds of war as they discover an unlikely treatment: the restorative power of silence and meditation.


Join Vets 4 Vets?

Attend the group meeting on the second Tuesday of the month from 6-7 p.m. in the basement of the Veterans Memorial Building in downtown Santa Cruz at 846 Front St.

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“The County Veteran Services Office shall assist every Veteran of any war of the United States, and the dependents of every deceased Veteran, in presenting and pursuing any claim the Veteran may have against the United States, and in establishing the Veterans right to any privilege, preference, care or compensation provided for by the laws of the United States, or of this State.”

Military and Veterans Code of The State of California

Our local County Veteran Services Office welcomes any veteran regardless of time in service, period of service, or type of discharge.

Santa Cruz County VSO